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Police Hens – picture book available in PRINT!

Police Hens is now availabe as a print on demand book on Lulu.ccom.  The layouts had to be adjusted a bit to keep the text out of the gutters. What works on a screen, may not work in print,  It took  little time, but I am happy to have it completed. Also, I had to learn how to use Acrobat 9 to create my print ready pdf file.


School Visit – Community Helpers – Police Hens

I visited Rossman School yesterday and read my new picture book app, Police Hens to the Senior Kindergarten and First Grade. They had a great smart board, so that all the children could see my book app.  The Senior Kindergarten is starting to learn about community helpers, so this was a fun way to introduce the police. They really seemed to enjoy finding the clues in the story and guessing what kind of jobs the hens will have next.

I wore a police hens T-shirt with this design on it —-> caution2




My kids went to Rossman School and it was fun to go back and see all the great things that they have been doing there.


I hope to get some pictures of the event to share.  I read to 55 students! and they were great!

I talked a little about the process of writing, and rewriting, illustrating and re-illustrating.

I left them with a coloring page from the book.  Coloring pages can be found here: Things to Do 

My picture book app ( for iPad)  can be found on Demibooks Storytime – acts as a bookshelf for children’s picture book apps.Demibooks


Police Hens is now a Picture Book App!

Police Hens is now available on Demibooks Storytime as a picture book app.


Click on the above logo to get their App.   Demibooks® Storytime is a bookshelf in your bedroom, car, airplane or waiting room, filled with a growing library of quality interactive picture books for young children. 

In the Police Hens picture book app for the iPad, each page has an animated feature and has a read aloud feature plus sound effects.  There is an original song and music video at the end.

        What happens when a brood of crime-fighting hens join the police
force? Ride along on this hilarious case that’s a tough egg to crack.
The story revolves around three hens, Pepper, Peeps and Cluck-Cluck
who are struggling with their job. They have unique and funny
problems because they are, after all, a squad of chickens!

Written in comic verse for children ages 4 – 7.

This book is a fun way to introduce the police as community helpers and can be used in school curriculum.

I hope you will read it and find out what all the squawking is about!