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Where is the Police Hens picture book app?

If you have been looking for Police Hens in the itunes app store, you won’t find it.

Police Hens is currentlly an in App purchase. First you need to get Demibooks Storytime App.

The Storytime App is like a bookshelf for picture book apps for kids. Police Hens can be downloaded from there.

And don’t forget – if you want a preview; See my youtube video:


As an added bonus, there is a music video included with the Police Hens app.



School Visit – Community Helpers – Police Hens

I visited Rossman School yesterday and read my new picture book app, Police Hens to the Senior Kindergarten and First Grade. They had a great smart board, so that all the children could see my book app.  The Senior Kindergarten is starting to learn about community helpers, so this was a fun way to introduce the police. They really seemed to enjoy finding the clues in the story and guessing what kind of jobs the hens will have next.

I wore a police hens T-shirt with this design on it —-> caution2




My kids went to Rossman School and it was fun to go back and see all the great things that they have been doing there.


I hope to get some pictures of the event to share.  I read to 55 students! and they were great!

I talked a little about the process of writing, and rewriting, illustrating and re-illustrating.

I left them with a coloring page from the book.  Coloring pages can be found here: Things to Do 

My picture book app ( for iPad)  can be found on Demibooks Storytime – acts as a bookshelf for children’s picture book apps.Demibooks


Police Hens is now a Picture Book App!

Police Hens is now available on Demibooks Storytime as a picture book app.


Click on the above logo to get their App.   Demibooks® Storytime is a bookshelf in your bedroom, car, airplane or waiting room, filled with a growing library of quality interactive picture books for young children. 

In the Police Hens picture book app for the iPad, each page has an animated feature and has a read aloud feature plus sound effects.  There is an original song and music video at the end.

        What happens when a brood of crime-fighting hens join the police
force? Ride along on this hilarious case that’s a tough egg to crack.
The story revolves around three hens, Pepper, Peeps and Cluck-Cluck
who are struggling with their job. They have unique and funny
problems because they are, after all, a squad of chickens!

Written in comic verse for children ages 4 – 7.

This book is a fun way to introduce the police as community helpers and can be used in school curriculum.

I hope you will read it and find out what all the squawking is about!

Pages to color, a maze and a word search

I have added a few things to my websites in the Things to Do section. These are fun things that kids can do while learning about Community Helpers.

I have put out there 3 pages to color from my picture book Police Hens.  Here is one of them:

Peeps and Pepper

I also added a Find the Goat maze and a word search document.

These can all be downloaded and printed at home.

If you have any ideas on other activities that I could add, please comment.

Society 6 – Another Tee and Mug

I have added another T-shirt and mug to my Society 6 art. This is Alvaro Goodfriend, the narrator of my iBook. He is a purplish buffalo and I wanted to get him a little more publicity.


Alvaro T photo Alvaro mug photo

He has a nice voice and also sings the Police Hens song on the Youtube video. He is also the voice on the complete music video available in the Picture Book App soon to be out on Demibooks Storytime.