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BARK in the PARK
October 21, 2017

NY Central Park, East Pinetum

11:00AM - 3:00 pm

Enter at the East 84th Street Entrance,
located behind the Metropolitan Museum
as a part of It's Happening

Cincinnati Art Academy One Day Show
October 7, 2016

426 Raw Walls 2
Friday October 7, 2016
7 - 11:00 pm

More on the show 426 Raw Walls 2

Outide/Inside: curated by Jennifer Grote
November 1 - December 27, 2013
Opening November 1, 6 - 9:00 pm

       Covington Arts
       27 West 7'th Street
       Covington KY 41011

       Outside/Inside explores the transformative potential
of public space and blurs the boundaries between architecture
and artistry. The show features Voss Finn,
Barry Gunderson, Celene Hawkins and Jarrett Hawkins

"The first thing I saw, looking in, was the exuberant thrust of Voss Finn’s “Installation Extra Swordfish,”
swooping and dipping and reaching down from the ceiling, filling the upper reaches of the entire west side of the gallery."
"The work is a highly personal, eminently thought-provoking response to the space it occupies."
Jane Durrell /AEQAI

Read Jane Durrell's complete review of Outside/Inside

Voss Finn: A Poem In Space
September 9 - October 29, 2005

       Southern Ohio Museum
       825 Gallia Street
       Portsmouth OH

       More Info: 740-354-5629

Saturday, October 29, 4:00pm to 7:00pm
Voss Finn Sings 4 You!

       As is his custom, Voss Finn will present a short program
       of songs on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 4:00 p.m. including
       selections by Handel, Barber, Purcell, Copland, Scarlatti,
       Niles,and the usual suspects--and a few surprises.

       This time of year, the trip to Portsmouth is a beautiful drive.
       Come early and check out the other exhibitions!

Past Shows:

The Sculpture Center

- March 19 through April 18, 2004
      A Site Specific Installation

       1834 East 123'rd Street
       Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Weston Gallery - September 12 through November 8, 2003 - Prepositional

       September 20 / Saturday - 10 a.m.-12 noon - Taft Family Workshop

       October 8 / Wednesday - 7 p.m. - Artist's Talk

      November 8 / Saturday - 5 p.m. - Artist's Sings


Artist's Statement

         PREPOSITIONAL: This exhibition consists of one or more singular rolling gestures
activating the vertical expanse of the Weston gallery. The work consists of assemblages
of found objects, industrial forms and hand-made elements.

         The title refers to my ideas about language and public art. Just as the action of
the verb is cantilevered or directed by the preposition toward the object, the proposed
installation derives its force from its prepositional structure. The arcs I employ to
energize the space are formed by hinging whatever material is at hand in order to carry
a rhythm through the space. This hinging is the physical representation of a preposition
as it deflects the activity of a thought from the verb to the direct object.

         The work shows how language can be perceived as a volume and how language informs
our perception. It also references visual symbols as the building blocks of the written
word and how mysteriously and stubbornly these archetypal symbols seem to reappear
within everyday objects, whether machine tool patterns or other seemingly mundane
objects. Discovering the archetypal in manufactured objects hints at the possibility
there exists within us an underlying calligraphy of humanity.

         My process in making work is intuitive. I enjoy the freedom to juxtapose disparate
materials in ways that allow my mind to remain open to new possibilities. How do you
find the perfect words for a poem? It’s the same process as grabbing objects left and
right adding them or subtracting them in some kind of configuration to make a complete

         My aim is to create a poetry of volumes by using my intuition. Like poetry, the work
is open to interpretation. Private notions or symbols are maintained on a certain level
but content is often discovered or revealed after the fact.

         The most exciting thing about this process is the realm of the unknown future which
brings with it all of those arbitrary elements that may find themselves at the core of
the expression. I’m interested in this process.

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